Leather Patches

Adding leather patches to your caps creates a classy look sure to turn heads. In addition to our normal patch production, we make sure to stitch each leather patch for quality control.


Everyone owns a tshirt, now you just need them to wear your tshirt. Add your design from your business, event, concert, brand name, or more! All of our tees are screen printed in house.

Embroidered Caps

Embroidered caps are a classic choice when it comes to your merch. Keep your design on the front, or add your info to the side and back.


Whether you are wanting to turn your vision into merch, or revamp an old logo, 1 of our 3 in house designers can create you exactly what you are needing. Already have a design? - No worries just send it over!


Polos give you a professional look, while continuing to add comfort to your everyday wardrobe. Standout with adding your logo or name!


Who doesn't love throwing on a hoodie! For those cold winter days, or cool summer nights hoodies are always a fun touch to throw your latest design on.

Softshell Jackets

Softshell jackets are a crowd favorite for those winter months. Add your design to the back, the front, or even thrown a name on one!


Patches have been around, well, forever; but have become the most popular trend. We have the option to create you peel n stick, to throw your patch on whatever you wish, or we can run heat sealed ones through production and add them to your favorite cap.

Leather Jackets

The next best thing to owning a leather jacket, is adding embroidery to your jacket. Let's get your embroidery order started today!

Puff Caps

Puff embroidery adds a little extra detail to your already popular caps.